Caribbean Sea Life


Colourful Caribbean Sea Life

Several years ago I enjoyed a tourist submarine trip while on vacation in Barbados. This island is blessed with a diversity of extraordinary sea creatures and coral reefs. Initially I was a bit nervous as I never ever learned to swim and hoped there would be no accident in the sea. It was an incredible experience as I saw a range of marine life and stunning coral reefs. I took several pictures of that undersea trip and promised myself I would capture that experience in my art…..hence the inspiration to create this painting. This painting captures combined images from the pictures I took.

Recently I was notified by my contact in Barbados that tourists taking the submarine trip are disappointed due to the absence of marine life and disappearing coral reefs. Due to climate changes and environment damage to water sources, land biodiversity and marine damage to the marine eco-system there has been a reduction in many species of sea life. Some of the biggest threats to marine life are climate change and plastic pollution. Thankfully I took this trip several years ago so was fortunate to have experienced this beautiful undersea life in Barbados.

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