The montage below displays some of my art work. The subject matter is drawn mostly from pictures of my travels and also from friends who kindly share terrific pictures of scenes in Canada and elsewhere. A friend living close by who has a beautiful and well-kept garden often shares pictures of how his garden is blooming and the various wildlife life visitors that pay visits during the spring and summer. I painted some of his lovely flowering plants as well as a raccoon intruder digging up his garden. While my art focuses mostly on nature scenes (gardens, landscapes and seascapes) due to my love of the outdoors, I also try to capture memories of poignant experiences while growing up in Guyana.

In order to view all the categories of my work you should check the “Gallery” tab. I very much enjoy working with other subjects such as still life, portraits, figures and also contemporary abstract art. Although my preference is for acrylics and water colours I work occasionally with oils, pastels and charcoal.

Feel free to leave a comment on any item that catches your fancy. You are also invited to join my mailing list by registering at the ‘follow’ icon located at the bottom right of the screen. By registering at the ‘follow’ icon you will be notified of my most recent works as soon as they are posted.

Cruising down the Amazon

(Resides in Ontario, Canada) 

​M.P. Cheeks

Roraima Art Gallery © Copyright 2023
All Rights Reserved



  1. This artist is talented and she has shown that anyone one can be inspired in their golden years to create
    lovely works of art.


  2. Of particular interest to me…. Not “anyone” can do this. The artist has the heart and soul, intrinsically, to be able to reproduce what the eye (brain) observes. I am impressed. Keep upthe good work


  3. What beautiful work, you are talented girl, keep up the good work. Nice to hook up with you once again and proud to have you as a friend.



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