Spotted Rose

Becoming a Spotted Rose

Spotted Rose

Spotted Rose

I was inspired to paint the images roses from a friend’s garden that had undergone a transformation. Initially I wanted to name this painting “A Rose For All Seasons” borrowing the title from that iconic movie “A Man For All Seasons”. That title wouldn’t be entirely accurate since the transformation barely occurs in one season. This painting captures the actual transformation that a rose had undergone last summer. Sometimes this transformation is attributed to roses that are hybrid or, in this case, to fluctuating weather conditions. This rose was affected by weather conditions and subsequently developed ‘water marks’. The ‘water marks’ on the rose were created after rain showers were followed by sunshine on the flower. Some people also attribute this transformation to the overnight dew on the petals that interacts with the sun the next day. I saw this transformation as an optimistic message that something special is about to unfold similar to positive changes that paralleled our own lives. I prefer to be philosophical and describe this transformation as a creation done by nature’s paintbrush.

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